With DO.IT!colourCore you have the chance to get colour direction 21 months ahead the season and 3 months before the respective DO.IT!color is published.

We are showing you the new colours and themes together with important mood pics and the right colour harmonies for each theme.

This first glance into a new season offers very early(!) information on colour and trends. Later on it works as an essence of DO.IT!color and as a colour trend book for the smaller budget.

published / 

End Feb. + End Aug.


contains / 

colour direction with Pantone  references,

keywords, inspiring moods


Make-Up / 

Wire-O Booklet Hardcover


Price / 

295 Euro

excl. VAT + freight

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DO.IT!colorCore: that means VERY EARLY colour direction!

6 themes, all colours with Pantone®-References

keywords and inspirational pics

essential colour harmonies

all colours as detachable cardboard for your personal work

Available books:

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DO.IT!colorCore aw21/22

DO.IT!colourCore ss2022 - available 02/2020

DO.IT!colorCore aw20/21

DO.IT!colorCore ss2021

To order or for more information please contact: Elgin@wendt-trend.com or use our contact sheet

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