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DO.IT!Pattern Clash

Get inspired by the world of pattern fusion! 155 allovers and additional placed motifs merge into 56 wonderful pattern combinations. Apply them to scarves and border prints or using the allovers alone. This collection of 216 designs & artworks is a tresure for every textile designer.

Designs are saved in different formats to ensure a maximum in editability: ai-files for vectorized designs, tif-files with indexed colors (color separated) for separated colors and jpg-files for intricate details and perfect transitions combined with a convenient file size.

For orders please contact or use our contact sheet.

published / 

December 2017


contains / 

139 royalty-free artworks


Make-Up / 

Hardcover, thread-stitching,



Price / 

295 Euro

excl. VAT + freight

To order or for more information please contact: or use our contact sheet. Thank You!

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