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DOIT!stories follows the DOIT!color trend-forecast and is its perfect companion. It shows you an additional, new and product-related view on the upcomming season. This improved and enhanced concept provides you with updated, concrete and practical information to design product worlds matching your own company‘s requirements.

• 6 colour and design themes, presenting 48 colours in 30 harmonies. DOIT!stories  is based on DOIT!color and reflects today‘s world, sorts and interprets the multitude of influences of our day and age to present the consumer needs and desires of tomorrow.
• DOIT!stories splits each colour theme of DOIT!color into 5 capsules or subthemes. This harmonies are illustrated by comprehensive moodboards to show its distinctive world. This makes imagining concrete collection segments considerably easier.
• each capsule shows product pics with 9 to 15 outfits and 12 to 20 bags, shoes, accessories, interiors and furniture.
• all product pics are enhanced with explaining and supporting keywords to stress important key elements.
• additional royalty-free print designs within each colour theme. All in DOIT!stories supplies you with about 15 to 18 supporting print designs.
• each page shows the used harmony and name of capsule to work easily with pinboards.
•DOIT!stories is send to you 10 to 12 weeks after the publishing date of DOIT!color as a pdf-file.
•All photos of the pdf you can use for  internal purposes only. They remain copyrighted material and can not be used commercially. 

published / 

April + October


contains / 

about 160-170 pages,

6 colour themes,

30 harmonies,

about 300 outfits

about 400 accessories and interior items

12 - 18 royalty free print designs

Make-Up / 

pdf - electronic file

Folder, Hardcover


Price / 

995 Euro pdf only

1095 Euro pdf & Folder

excl. VAT + freight

DO.IT!stories: your comprehensive style & product collection matching DO.IT!color themes!

for each theme you will get 5 most important harmonies and product worlds

2-3 royalty free print designs per theme

keywords  for your inspiration & direction - get ideas for your collection and marketing

with attached pdf you can print all pages separately and use the content for your own mood boards

9-12 relevant fashion styles per harmony enriched with selected accessories and interior elements

Available books:

DO.IT!stories autumn/winter 21/22, available 05/2020

DO.IT!stories autumn/winter 20/21

DO.IT!stories spring/summer 2021 available 09/2019

DO.IT!stories spring/summer 2022, available 09/2020

To order or for more information please contact: or use our contact sheet

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