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Floral Splendour

DO.IT! Floral Splendour supplies you with a fantastic variety of 133 newly developed artworks covering world of flowers. Roughly grouped into 5 subthemes Cottage Garden, Tropical Lush, Bouqets, A rose is a rose... and Bouquets you get a huge source for your textile design. Many techniques are used and nearly all designs are saved together with layers. All designs come as perfect repeats:

All designs you get as Photoshop tif-files, a vast majority is color reduced as well (saved as tif-file with indexed colours). For 20 designs which are developed with llustrator you will get the respective ai-files.

For orders please contact or use our contact sheet.

published /

April 2019


contains / 

133 royalty-free artworks


Make-Up / 

Hardcover, thread-stitching,

DUSB-Stick 32 GB

Price / 

395 Euro

excl. VAT + freight

To order or for more information please contact: or use our contact sheet. Thank You!

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