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The new DO.IT!color gives you a plain and comprehensive compilation of all the trends & colours, fabrics & surfaces as well as important ideas & moods for the next season.

DO.IT!color offers extensive colour information and sample materials grouped around consumer worlds. Additional pages with wide-ranging mood collages show the inspiration behind and the possibilities of the individual themes.

DO.IT!color provides PURE INSPIRATION. You will find further information on all the themes along with roughly 140 original fabric swatches from exclusive weavers. If a picture says more than a thousand words, how much more original swatches are telling?

published / 

January + July


contains / 

Colour Swatches in Cotton + Viscose,

orig. fabric swatches Trendposter, CD-ROM


Make-Up / 

Folder, Hardcover


Price / 

1295 Euro

excl. VAT + freight

DO.IT!color: your in-depth colour directory!

colour sampling material; 9 x 18 cm cotton poplin, dull cotton yarn & shiny viscose tape

4 colour stories developed witihin each theme

relevant colour harmonies, inspiration & direction to get ideas for your collection and marketing

exclusive & new fabrics & materials to show qualities, surface and finishes

keywords with directional mood

Available books:

DO.IT!color spring/summer 2022

DO.IT!color spring/summer 2021

DO.IT!color autumn/winter 21/22

DO.IT!color autumn/winter 22/23

To order or for more information please contact: or use our contact sheet

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